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Appomattox Cabin

This one room cabin is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Above, a roof deck is enclosed by a quadruple parapet, creating a slender, vertical profile in the landscape. The site is a half kilometer from the nearest car access, as the crow flies, but the path to reach it was made intentionally circuitous. The choreographed journey to this structure passes through dry, rocky slopes and moist, fern-laden depressions before ending in a sharp turn around a thicket where the visitor is confronted with two blank faces. The front door is on the back side, along with a clutter of other elements: a ladder, a door bell, a stove pipe, a message box, and a light. 

All building materials were brought to the site on foot and across a creek bridged by a fallen tree, which has since washed away.

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