O'Keefe Office LLC is a design practice in Richmond, Virginia that creates socially sensitive, environmentally sound, and culturally significant buildings and urban spaces. The relationship between architecture, landscape, urban design, and the public realm is a motivating interest, as are the unique challenges and opportunities of the American City.

What an Architect Is

An architect’s domain of expertise includes building performance, construction, sustainability, urban systems, and, to a lesser degree, aesthetics and the history and interpretation of aesthetic decisions. Architecture is a public endeavor so architects are, necessarily, public communicators. They have a responsibility to read widely and make themselves up to date on quantitative and qualitative information relevant to the built environment. Architects contribute to public discussions by 1.) supplying the best information available to clients, contractors, and community members and 2.) advocating for change in the built environment from a position of expertise.

Topics of Special Interest

- Affordable housing

- Building performance and longevity

- Community design and communication

- Equitable development

- Infrastructure design

- Mass timber

- Ornament and decoration

- Pedestrian and cyclist-oriented design

- Sustainable design

- Transit oriented development 

- Urbanism and public space

Programs of Special Interest

- Multi-family residential
- Mixed-use urban development
- Campus planning and educational design
- Streetscapes and public space design

Regions of Special Interest

- US: Mid Atlantic, Mid West, South
- Japan: Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku,

   Shikoku, Kyushu