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Harbor Film Studio

This film studio, sited on a derelict pier in the Boston Harbor, would be the largest film production facility on the East Coast. The studio is campus-like, embracing existing buildings and anticipating future connections to street grids and the Boston harborwalk. The complex attempts to synthesize the flexibility of the contemporary film industry and the longevity of east coast urbanism.


The spaces are structured by slab service cores made from steel box beams. The larger of the slabs contain production suites and lounges. The smaller has cellular dressing rooms, water closets, and mechanical space. Lightweight steel soundstages span in between. The cavity of the box beams houses a detached I beam. This can be repositioned and bolted into place to produce temporary scaffolds and sets.


Outside, adjacent and opposite facades
can be temporarily clad to create street scenes in forced perspective. Each building can be redeveloped independently, the sound stages demolished and the cores repurposed.

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